How To Prepare For A Successful Open House

Dated: 03/12/2018

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There are mountains of resources available that give you a million different ways to prepare your home for a successful open house. It can be overwhelming looking at these lists and narrow down which tasks will make a difference. However, these tips will provide you with the keys to unlocking several ways to host successful open house.

Focus on the big picture

Although there are millions of things that one can do to prepare their home for an open house, there are a few big-picture tasks that need to be prioritized before you move on to smaller tasks.

    Cleaning Your home should be deep-cleaned from corner to corner, up and down, and underneath and behind everything.

    Focus on areas such as bathrooms and kitchens that potential homebuyers will notice.

    Move picture frames and clean behind them, as well as on top of each frame.

    Wipe down all surfaces regularly to stay ahead of the dirt.

    Decluttering Take a step back and have a look at your home from a visitor’s perspective.

    Get rid of unnecessary furniture and items that make a room seem smaller. Visitors will want to be able to envision their personal effects in your space.

    Depersonalize your home by adding neutral, decorative pieces to compliment the room. In the kitchen, pack away excess appliances and countertop decor, allow the space to be fully functional and show its capabilities.

    RepairingEvery home has repairs that seem to go months and months before they’re fixed. Make a list of these and start with the smaller, DIY projects that you can manage yourself.

    Look at sanding and varnishing wooden doors and window panes.

    A fresh coat of paint in some rooms can do wonders, but remember to keep the color palette as neutral as possible.

    Consider replacing older fixtures including light switches, light fixtures, ceiling fan blades and drawer or cupboard handles.

    Creating Curb Appeal The exterior of your home is the only chance you get to make a first impression, so enhance your curb appeal.

    Ensure that you mow and maintain your yard regularly, keep that grass short and neat. Tidy up the edges of your flowerbeds, prune bushes and shrubs. Plant a few brightly colored flowers where they can be seen from the street, giving your yard a landscaped look.

    Give your front door a fresh coat of paint, if it’s a wooden door, sand and varnish it.

    Exterior walls may also need a fresh coat of paint, so take a walk around the outside of your home and make note of where the areas of concerns. Replace worn-out gutters.

    Hire a power washer, and give your driveway a quick, clean makeover.

The Finer Details

These small things create a welcoming feeling for your visitors, the minute that they step through your door.

    Open windows to let in fresh air

    Set the dining table as if for dinner guests

    Place freshly cut flowers in a few spaces around your home

    Make sure your nicest bedding and linen is out in the bedrooms

    Try to have your pets away for the day (not everybody is a dog or cat lover)

These tips will increase your chances of selling your home after hosting an open house. Be sure to emotionally detach yourself from your home when going through the tasks that need to be done. It helps to think that you’re simply packing ahead of time when having to remove or store items that may be of a sentimental value.

An open house is the best way to showcase your home to many potential buyers at one time, good luck!

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